Warzone Fortune’s Keep Cash Extraction explained: How to complete & loot rewards

Luca Di Marzo
Fortune's Keep Warzone map

Cash Extraction is an in-game event that will occur during matches on Fortune’s Keep, Warzone’s new Season 4 map. Here’s how to complete the Cash Extraction Event, along with the rewards up for grabs.

Fortune’s Keep will crank up the intensity in Warzone Season 4 as players will be sent to a brand-new small map. This new setting will not only force players to experience high-octane gameplay but there will be several new features to enjoy on Fortune’s Keep.

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The Black Market Supply Run Contract and Cash Extraction Event are two methods for Warzone players to amass a ton of cash and valuable loot to set up a dominant battle royale victory. Here’s everything you need to know about Cash Extraction on Fortune’s Keep.

Fortune's Keep Warzone map

What is Warzone Fortune’s Keep Cash Extraction Event?

Cash Extraction will be a public event that will occur during matches on Fortune’s Keep. There’s no telling when the event will strike, but Cash Extraction could occur multiple times in a single game of Fortune’s Keep Resurgence.

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Mercenaries will attempt to extract valuable rewards and if you can take down the mercenaries performing the extraction, the rewards will be yours. Cash Extraction will be a fantastic method to gather a ton of cash and valuable loot quickly. The cash can be used at the map’s Black Market, and the loot can set you up for a decisive win.

Military camp Warzone Fortune's Keep

How to complete Warzone Fortune’s Keep Cash Extraction

Players will be notified with a flashing gold circle and money bag icon when the event begins. Once these indicators appear you’ll have to decide your course of action.

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The location of the Cash Extraction will also be revealed by a flare that will be visible in the sky. If you’re interested in taking on the mercenaries, the flare will indicate where to go.

A helicopter will appear over the flare location and drop a luxurious bag of loot down from the sky. Initially, this bag will be protected by a squad of five mercenaries as you make your approach.

To claim the contents of the Cash Extraction bag you’ll have to eliminate the mercenaries and make it safe to plunder. “However, be warned: these mercenaries have multiple reinforcement waves.”

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Coast Warzone Fortune's Keep

Warzone Fortune’s Keep Cash Extraction rewards

The Cash Extraction rewards include cash, ammo, armor, and equipment. You can access the valuable rewards of a Cash Extraction event by interacting with the bag once you take down the mercenaries.

Keep in mind that the rewards aren’t necessarily secured once you defeat the mercenaries, as other players in the lobby could be lurking to pounce on your weakened team.

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