Warzone duo eliminates hacker teammate in hilarious fashion

Nicholas Barth

A Warzone duo took quick action when they discovered their random trio teammate was hacking and decided to punish the cheater and save the rest of the players in the lobby in a hilarious manner.

Call of Duty: Warzone has become one of the most popular video games in the world following its release in 2020. Unfortunately, as with many high-profile multiplayer games, Warzone has had issues with cheaters using hacks to give themselves an unfair advantage and ruining players’ experiences who are playing by the rules.

One clip that has been making its way around the Warzone community recently showcased an example of a player hacking and racking up unfair kills, but two players took it upon themselves to stop the hacker in what proved to be a comical instance of friendly fire.

warzone hacker

The clip was posted to the CODWarzone subreddit by fukreposts, and they explained how they and their friend played in the Trios playlist with a random teammate.

However, they soon noticed that their random teammate was hacking, as the cheater began to unnaturally rack up kills on top of a moving car with what appears to be an aimbot.

Deciding they would rather play with one less player and put themselves at a disadvantage against other trios. The duo drove the car they were riding into the water by port with the hacker still on top of the car.

The heroic duo was able to jump out of the car and survive while sending the cheater to early death and preventing them from ruining the game for all of the other players in the lobby.

Members of the community have responded to the popular Reddit post with praise for the duo and their own experiences eliminating hackers on their team.

The wave of cheaters that have polluted the servers of Warzone over the past year has been an extremely frustrating experience for players.

The developers themselves have even recently explained their frustration over hackers ruining their game.

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