Warzone devs reveal how to fix stuttering and freezing issues on PC

Joseph Pascoulis
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The Warzone devs have revealed a fix for those players suffering with poor performance on PC.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded is just on the horizon, and despite players not being too happy with the weapon balance, perhaps the new update can breathe fresh life into the BR.

Having said that, players are currently experiencing issues with the game, including the return of the invincibility glitch and poor performance on PC. Luckily, the devs over at Beenox have revealed a fix for the freezing and stuttering on PC.

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Warzone player with loadout drop in Fortune's Keep

As well as working on Modern Warfare 2, Beenox are the devs working on Warzone for PC and they have now addressed the issue that PC players have been having with freezing and stuttering.

According to Beenox, “players using an overclocked GPU have up to 20% more stability issues versus the general player population.”

Beenox are suggesting that PC players having this stuttering and freezing issue should revert to their hardware’s factory settings.

Overclocking your GPU means that you increase the clock speed of your video card to help boost performance, but sometimes it can actually have a negative effect.

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As overclocking your PC can actually make your GPU unstable, Beenox are suggesting that players use the GPUs stock clock speed for better results.

For those having these problems, hopefully, this fixes your stability problems when playing Warzone. For more, check out our best settings for Warzone on PC.

Image Credits: Activision

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