Warzone devs respond to MW AUG Season 4 buff not working

Joseph Pascoulis
MW Aug Warzone Season 4 Buff

We haven’t had the Warzone Season 4 update for long, but players have already noticed that the MW AUG buff seems to be missing in the game.

The Warzone Season 4 patch introduced new content like the Red Doors, Crashed Satellites, MG 82, C58 Assault Rifle, and a whole host of major weapon buffs and nerfs.

However, players have discovered that one surprising weapon buff for the Modern Warfare AUG has not been properly implemented in Warzone Season 4, which has prompted a response from the developers.

Warzone MW AUG Season 4 buff

Warzone MW AUG Season 4 Buff

Popular Call of Duty content creator TrueGameData put a post on Twitter directed at Raven Software talking about a missing update to one of the MW weapons.

The MW AUG should have received a buff to its chest damage, but as TrueGameData says in the tweet, “I have checked both 9mm, and 5.56 ammo in both public and private matches, and I am seeing the same exact values as before? Looks like no change.”

Raven Software responded to the comment, stating that they are “aware and we’ll be adjusting the upper torso multiplier in an upcoming update.”

The Warzone Season 4 MW AUG buff was one of the promised adjustments that the Warzone development studio had promised to implement to “struggling” Modern Warfare weapons which were finally added in the battle royale’s newest season.

Unfortunately, the MW AUG buff has not yet made its debut, and players excited about trying out the newly improved SMG will have to wait until a future update to see if this particular change will make this weapon a formidable threat on Verdansk ’84 and Rebirth Island.

We don’t have any inclination as to when this update will be, but hopefully, it will be soon, and we will update you as soon as the fix is added to the game.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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