Warzone devs respond to calls to increase Caldera player count to 200

Matt Porter
Warzone players on Caldera

Warzone’s current Caldera map hosts 150 players battling to be the last competitor standing. Now, a Raven Software dev has responded to calls from the community to boost that to 200.

Battle Royales are a simple concept. Take a group of players, drop them into a map, and let them fight it out until only one person or team is left. The more players who start the match, the more difficult it is to survive, making the experience even more exciting.

Now, a Raven Software developer has responded to calls to boost the player count to 200, discussing the idea during an interview with Kris ‘FaZe Swagg’ Lamberson.

Warzone operators in Caldera

Speaking with Raven‘s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins, Swagg brought up the idea of adding even more players to Caldera. While Timmins likes the idea, the developer explained that there were a few issues that made that a difficult plan to execute.

“All I’ll say, and I’ll be coy, speaking as a player I would love to,” Timmins stated. “There are technical challenges, as with anything. If you think back 10 years [compared] to the scale of the game we have now, it’s unbelievable.”

“We want a lot of this stuff, and when we look at the chapter [of Warzone] ahead, we are definitely having these conversations. We can’t announce anything. We want to make sure anything we announce does actually happen.”

“Upping player count, from a performance point of view and the fidelity we keep driving, you start increasing player counts beyond what we’re seeing right now, you start getting tackled on last-gen again,” continued Creative Lead Josh Bridge. “How do we get this performing on last-gen? We don’t want to do audience splits.”

“That takes more tech investment and planning to figure out how we can do that smartly, across any generation. It’s something we’re always looking at. We love the idea, that would be so dope.”

It’s clear that the Warzone devs would be interested in adding more players to the game, but with technical issues, it may not happen any time soon.

With the last-gen consoles not having the power of current-gen machines or PCs, we may have to wait until Warzone 2 to see it in action.

Image credits: Raven Software

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