Warzone devs respond to bug that isn’t counting wins

Andrew Highton
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A worrying bug has prevented recent Warzone wins from counting to players’ official stats. Thanks to prompting from YouTuber JGOD, Raven Software has addressed the matter.

Warzone Season 3 is drawing ever nearer. There’s much excitement within the Call of Duty community as Verdansk, and Warzone in general, could be heading for a big shake-up. With reports of nuclear devastation changing the map, players could have new avenues to explore and enjoy.

However, that enjoyment will feel hollow if the game’s current stat-tracking bug continues to affect Warzone. We reported a few days ago that wins and stats were not tracking, and if it continues, then it makes the idea of winning games of Warzone redundant.

Popular CoD personality JGOD has questioned Raven Software on the matter, and they have provided an update on the problem.

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Another catastrophic Warzone bug was allowing players to become invincible by entering a God Mode state, forcing Raven Software to remove Most Wanted contracts to counteract this.

JGOD saw that this had been amended and decided to follow this up.

The Official Raven Software account replied by saying, “We’re currently looking into this issue. We’ll provide an update whenever possible.”

On one hand, it’s good that the problem is being investigated, but it’s also no consolation to the thousands of players that are grinding away to claim Warzone Victories.

A positive resolution will hopefully ensure that those players will have their win tallies adjusted accordingly to show that their efforts were not in vain.

With Warzone Season 3 just around the corner, it’s vital that Raven Software prioritize this issue. With problematic Sykov Pistols causing many players to be frustrated, especially with the new exploit, this would be one less issue to deal with.

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