Warzone devs remove vehicles from Rebirth Island after Golden Vault glitch

Warzone Operator driving a vehicle

Warzone players discovered a glitch that granted them access to Golden Vaults, and Raven Software responded to this by temporarily removing all vehicles from Rebirth Island.

The Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update added a plethora of brand-new content, including a massive map overhaul for Rebirth Island featuring POIs and new mechanics like communication towers.

There are also new Golden Vaults to open on Rebirth Island, and these became unlocked through a community challenge. However, some players used a glitch to get inside of these, which led to a response from the developers.

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Warzone Operator running in Caldera

On April 11, Raven Software tweeted that they’ve noticed an issue plaguing Warzone Pacific. While the developers didn’t specify what exactly the problem is, it caused them to disable all vehicles on Rebirth Island.

Despite the exact issue not being specified in the tweet, players immediately pointed out that this was probably a result of the glitch that allowed them to enter Golden Vaults without unlocking them properly.

This exploit involves standing in front of the Golden Vault door and having your teammate hit you at full speed with a vehicle. This would allow players to glitch through the door and enter the Golden Vault.

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Since this glitch can only be done by having your teammate drive a car into you, it’s extremely likely that this is the main motivation behind Raven Software’s decision to disable all vehicles on Rebirth Island.

At the time of writing, the developers have yet to confirm when exactly vehicles will be reenabled on Rebirth Island. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as they implement a fix for this problem.

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Image Credit: Activision