Warzone cheat provider accused of stealing Bitcoin from hackers

Warzone Operator with Bitcoin

A Warzone cheat provider has been accused of using its software to steal Bitcoin from its users, as well as using hackers’ PCs to mine the cryptocurrency without permission.

Hackers have been an ongoing issue in CoD Warzone ever since the battle royale launched back in 2020. The introduction of Ricochet has gone some way to helping the problem, but cheaters can still be seen in Caldera harming the experience for other players.

Now, it appears that a cheat provider may be taking advantage of their own customers, as hackers have accused them of stealing and mining Bitcoin on their PC.

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In a tweet posted on April 24, MavriqGG provided screenshots of Cobalt Solutions users reporting that Bitcoin had been stolen from them after installing the software. Cobalt is a well-known source for Warzone cheats.

“If anyone is currently using ‘Cobalt.solutions’ I would highly recommend you not to use it any longer,” said the user. “They’ve stolen 900$ today alone. No telling how much they have in the past.”

In the screenshots, another user replied: “[They’re] using my PC to BTC mine I think.” MavriqGG added that this kind of behavior “isn’t unheard of” from websites that distribute hacks.

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Modern Warzone later uploaded a screenshot from what appears to be a person associated with the cheat provider, who strongly denied the accusations.

“If anyone is able to concretely prove that Cobalt is a rat through reverse engineered assembly, I will personally shut down Cobalt and provide $20k to the person who proved it,” they said. They went on to explain that they had asked for evidence of the scam and had either been blocked or ignored.

Unsurprisingly, the alleged scam has been a major talking point among the CoD community, and players were far from sympathetic towards those affected. “Hold up, you mean to tell me cheaters don’t like being cheated on?” said one reply.

It remains to be seen if more definitive proof of the cheat providers using its software to steal and mine Bitcoin comes to light. As always, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for the latest updates.

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Image credits: Activision / Jievani Weerasinghe