Warzone devs considering major Loadout price change — and you get to decide

Nathan Warby
Warzone player defending loadout drop

Warzone developers Raven Software are weighing up whether or not to introduce a major change to loadout prices, and the community is being asked to cast their vote.

The launch of Warzone Season 5 came with a number of significant updates to the battle royale, that had major impacts on gameplay. The controversial Seprentine Perk was nerfed once again, while Snipers received a healthy buff to make them more viable options.

It appears the devs aren’t done, however, as more game-changing decisions could be on the horizon.

Following the success of the Terminator-inspired Titanium Trials from Season 4, Raven are exploring the possibility of bringing the mode’s loadout prices into the core battle royale, and the best part is, you can have your say on the outcome.

Titanium Trails shook up the early stages of a match by drastically increasing the cost of a loadout drop, forcing players to adapt and whatever they could scavenge from the ground. Then, with each new circle, the loadout prices would gradually decrease so that the last players standing would most likely have their preferred weapon by the end.

It’s a system that was well-received by fans, and it added an extra layer of strategy as players debated whether or not to start aggressively to try and earn an early loadout to gain the upper hand, or bide their time and wait for a price drop.

On August 31, Raven began a community vote asking fans to decide if they’d like to see the loadout price reduction over to the core Warzone modes.

“We loved the response to Titanium Trials, and we are contemplating bringing the Loadout price reduction at every circle to Battle Royale,” their tweet said. “Would this change be a W or an L? Cast your vote!”

At the time of writing, the poll is extremely one-sided in favor of bringing the new-look loadouts to Warzone in Season 5. Just over 75% had said they would like to see it introduced, while just under 25% called for things to remain as they are.

There is still some time left on the poll for you to have your say, but so far, it seems that the community has spoken and they want to see the loadout change implemented across Warzone.

Raven didn’t give hint as to when they would introduce the feature after the voting is over. But given how keen fans seem to be, it shouldn’t be too long before we see it arrive.

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