Warzone devs confirm nerfs coming to Bren LMG after overpowered damage bug

Liam Mackay
Bren LMG in Warzone Pacific

After YouTuber JGOD discovered that Warzone’s Bren received a “meta-breaking” secret buff in Season 2, devs Raven Software have confirmed they’re looking to nerf it in a future update.

Warzone’s Bren LMG has long been the most powerful gun in the game, despite Raven Software’s best efforts to nerf it. Its damage and recoil have been hit in several updates now, but it’s still regarded as a meta weapon.

Its power and popularity are likely because of an accidental buff found by YouTuber JGOD, where it’s much more powerful than it was ahead of Season 2. Raven Software are aware of the issue and have confirmed they’re looking into it.

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Bren LMG in Warzone Pacific

While the PPSH-41 was dominating close-range fights, a secret buff to the Bren seemed to go under the radar. However, now that the PPSH-41 has been fixed, the Bren has risen to the forefront again.

One of the Bren’s barrels had no damage drop-off whatsoever, so it’d deal incredible damage no matter the distance. This barrel was nerfed in a previous update, but JGOD discovered that the change was reverted and it had infinite damage range again.

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vanguard bren in warzone

Luckily, the devs are aware of the issue and confirmed on February 23 that they’re looking into it. The Trello card, marked as “investigating,” read: “Players will notice that the [Bren]’s damage profile is incorrect, resulting in a higher-than-normal damage profile.”

JGOD believed that this buff was unintentional, similar to the now-nerfed PPSH-41. We expect the Bren to get the same treatment in the coming weeks, but there’s no confirmation on when we’ll see it.

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Warzone’s mid-Season 2 update is expected this month, bringing map changes to Rebirth Island and more quality of life updates. The fix may arrive ahead of this major update, but we’ll keep you updated.

Image Credit: Activision

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