Warzone devs confirm fix for H4 Blixen’s frustrating sprint-to-fire glitch

Warzone H4 Blixen glitch

Warzone players will soon be able to utilize the H4 Blixen at full power, as the devs confirmed that a fix for the frustrating sprint-to-fire glitch is on the way.

With all of the new features like the Underground Transit System and squad HUD, players have been eager to test out Warzone following the Pacific Season 3 Reloaded update. In addition to new features, players also received a new weapon in the H4 Blixen to unlock.

SMGs have often been some of the most popular weapons in the game and the H4 Blixen could possibly follow this trend. Unfortunately, a frustrating sprint-to-fire glitch is not allowing players to utilize the weapon’s full potential.

Best Warzone H4 Blixen loadout

Sprint-to-fire time is a defining factor of an elite SMG. The aggressive close-range playstyle of an SMG relies on how quickly you can draw your weapon after moving in Warzone. Unfortunately, a strange Warzone glitch is causing a delay to occur after certain actions when using the H4 Blixen.

Thanks to Warzone expert JGOD, we know that the glitch causing a delay occurs after reloading, using Lethal Equipment, and possibly plating as well. All three of the causes are key actions in Warzone and could very well result in you losing an important gunfight.

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Thankfully, the devs are well aware of this glitch and are already working on a fix. The Warzone Trello board has a card titled, “Players will notice an input delay when trying to fire the H4 Blixen.” The card was added to the list of known issues on May 26, so we could receive a quick fix.

It’s common for small updates to follow the game’s seasonal updates as the devs look to fix any issues that arise following big changes. Soon enough Warzone players will be able to utilize the H4 Blixen to its full extent.

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Image Credit: Activision