Armored Trucks removed from Warzone Season 4 as invisibility glitch returns

Nicholas Barth

The Season 4 update brought the ability for Warzone players to use an extremely powerful Armored Truck. Still, a glitch the vehicle was causing has forced Raven Software to remove the Armored Trucks from the Call of Duty battle royale for the time being.

Various pieces of new content made their way into the world of Warzone with the launch of Season 4, including the addition of the MG 82 LMG, C58 Assault Rifle, and Nail Gun.

One of the biggest additions the new season brought to Warzone was the Armored Trucks that players could obtain by visiting one of the new crashed satellite locations that randomly spawn on Verdansk ’84.

However, the powerful Armored Trucks were deemed to be causing a game-breaking glitch. They resulted in Raven Software removing this vehicle from the game until a more permanent fix had been discovered.

Warzone Armored Trucks

Warzone Armored Trucks Removed

The glitch that the Armored Warzone Trucks had been causing was an invisibility bug that was causing some players to become invisible, which had already been causing plenty of frustration for members of the community on the first day of Warzone Season 4.

Raven Software took to Twitter to announce that it had removed the Armored Trucks from Warzone for the time being, as they work to fix the invisibility glitch that arose from players using the new vehicle.

The Warzone development studio has since posted the issue on its official Trello board, where the community can keep track of the progress they are making towards fixing the particular bug or glitch listed.

While removing a piece of content due to it causing a game-breaking glitch is never an exciting moment, the community reception towards the powerful Armored Trucks with a mounted machine gun and a mobile buy station was not extremely positive.

Some players may breathe a sigh of relief that this new Season 4 vehicle is out of the game for the time being.

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