Warzone dev says “no one hates cheaters more than we do”

Liam Mackay
Warzone Season 3 gameplay

Warzone’s Creative Director Amos Hodge has said that the developers hate cheaters even more than the fans, describing how they’re “ruining some of the best workof his life.

Warzone Season 3 is here, and it’s brought new weapons, Operators, and the new Verdansk ’84 map. However, Warzone’s cheating problem remains a constant worry for developers and fans alike, and one of Warzone’s senior developers has responded to the situation.

Speaking to VGC, Raven Software’s Creative Director Amos Hodge described the frustrations the Warzone development team feels over the cheating situation.

Warzone cheaters wallhacks

VGC asked Hodge the measures Raven are taking to combat cheating, and after clarifying that handling cheaters is up to the security team, he said, “We have reporting tools, we ban a ton of people and no one hates the cheaters more than we do.”

“We make this content for the players and while you’re upset that it ruined your game, I’m upset that it’s ruining some of the best work that I’ve done in my life.”

He continued to say that, “We put our hearts into this content, we have 100 million players, it’s been out a year, this is a huge stage and some of the best work we’ve ever done, and to have cheaters come in and ruin the game bothers us more than anyone.”

Hodge concluded by assuring fans that “the security team are on top of it and they’re continually going to make updates.”

Warzone cheaters

After Warzone’s cheating situation hit the mainstream media, Activision increased their ban waves and are Raven Software are providing regular updates on the situation. Over 475,000 accounts have been permabanned, and they clarified that serial offenders will also receive hardware bans.

Around the same time as this interview, Activision Publishing President Rob Kostich said that they are “investing more resources” in anti-cheat, and will be upping their communication on the actions they are taking.

In the meantime, you can follow our top tips on how to spot Warzone cheaters to do your part in getting these players permanently banned.

Image Credit: Activision

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