Warzone cheaters caught teaming up in Solos with “toxic” loadout

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone BR Solo Riot Shield Caldera

Warzone’s Solos is supposed to be an individual experience as players fight for survival alone. However, some players have been exploiting the system by taking on the lobby in a group.

If you’re a frequent Solos player or have dabbled with the playlist recently, the odds may be working against you when it comes to securing a Warzone win. Since the start of April 2022, several reports of players teaming up in the individual mode have been circulating.

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Given that Solos are meant to be won alone, players are furious with the situation and are adamant that teaming up should be considered cheating. In addition, it makes it difficult for other players to succeed as they’ll unsuspectingly have to take on more than just one gunfight at a time.

Warzone Operators BR Solos

A Reddit user by the name of afightguy posted a series of images to the Warzone subreddit titled “3 players teaming up in solos with the same skins and same loadouts.” The images showcase three identical Operators navigating Caldera in a group while playing Solos.

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Despite it being a Solos match, the players are clearly seen working together to make it to the end. They’re also using similar loadouts, as all three can be seen with a Riot Shield. This would indicate that the plan to take on a Solos lobby in a group was calculated.

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The images also show the Operators flashing thumbs up to each other, which would indicate that they’re clearly conspiring. While RICOCHET anti-cheat can detect cheating software, it is powerless against this form of exploit.

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One comment asks “While teaming up in solos is a s***** thing to do. Is it considered cheating?” This question is met with the unanimous answer of yes as outraged players sound off in the comments.

After some impressive detective work, afightguy also shared that these specific players have a reputation for cheating in this fashion, “if you check their matches in wzstats.gg they only play solos and they are many times a day in the same match.”

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If you’re an avid Solos player, keep your guard up as you never know when you’ll encounter a team of collaborators in your lobby.

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Image Credit: Activision

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