Are there bots in Warzone?

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Not everyone has the dexterity it takes to master an FPS like Warzone, but some players are just plain bad. It often makes players wonder if there are actual bots in Warzone.

Some video games do add bots to lobbies for a multitude of reasons. Battle Royales need 100+ players in a lobby, and bots are a great way to pad them out. Other games let lower-skilled players fight against bots disguised as real players.

Fortnite is a notorious BR that is unashamed about its bots. No matter the skill level, every round of Fortnite pubs has a least a few bots. But is that the case for Call of Duty: Warzone?

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A number of players have reported that their first few matches of Warzone seemed like a breeze. Almost as if they weren’t fighting against real players at all. But does that mean they were fighting against bots?

Warzone players shooting a helicopter

Does Warzone have bots?

In short, we don’t really know. Activision and Raven Software have never publicly stated whether there are or aren’t bots in Warzone. All we have to go off of is anecdotal evidence, and even that doesn’t give us a straight answer.

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What we do know is that Warzone lobbies are heavily affected by Skill-Based Match Making. This is where each player is ranked based on their performance. When players load into a lobby, they are put up against opponents of the same or similar skill.

But how does Warzone rank a player who has never played before? A lot of players theorize that the first few Warzone matches are against bots. This allows the game to gauge your performance before pitting you against real players.

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Others claim that your first few matches are against the lowest-skilled players. This may be true, but some of the “players” in the first few matches are as bad as it gets. However, with Warzone being one of the most popular games to stream and it being free to play, it’s easily accessible to anyone who wants to play.

Operator aiming a sniper rifle in Warzone

Can you play against bots?

Some players enjoy playing against bots knowing there is no way they could lose. Games like Fortnite can be exploited into allowing players to access full bot lobbies. All a player needs to do to play against bots is create a new account.

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However, with there being no bots in Warzone officially, this strategy will not work in the Call of Duty battle royale like in Fortnite Alternatively, you can set up matches in “Custom Modes and Trials” to practice against bots. But there’s virtually no reward for doing this besides getting some practice.

So yes, there are ways for you to play against bots. However, hardcore players would have to forfeit precious XP to do so.

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Image Credit: Activision/ Raven Software