Warzone 2 players slam “useless” Redeploy Drones on Ashika Island

warzone 2 redeploy drones

Warzone 2 players are disappointed with the new Season 2 Redeploy Drones on Ashika Island, branding them as “useless.”

Warzone 2 Season 2 brought many exciting changes and content to the game, from brand new weapons to the return of Resurgence and a new map in Ashika Island.

That said, like any new update and content, players are sharing their opinions on the recently added Redeploy Drones on Ashika Island, which were implemented to help the map’s fluidity and rotations.

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Unfortunately, despite the success of Redeploy Balloons in the original Warzone, the dev’s attempt to revamp and reintroduce the feature as Redeploy Drones on the new Ashika Island Resurgence map is causing frustration.

Some are even branding the feature as “useless” under Reddit user ikelofe‘s post, which highlighted the fact that they are now in-game.

In the comments of this post, players expressed their opinions on the feature, as many seem to feel that the Redeploy Drones are “useless in resurgence.”

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This is mainly because the map is already small, and so rotations aren’t exactly difficult, but also because the Redeploy Drones “blow up after being in the gas for ~5 seconds.” This prevents quick rotations out of the gas, which players feel is exactly when the feature would be “needed the most.”

Players believe the feature would be much more appreciated in Al Mazrah, as one comment said, “why would these not be on a bigger al mazrah??? dumbest f**king decisions i’ve ever seen, over and over.”

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We’ll have to wait and see how the Redeploy Drones evolve in Warzone 2, as the Redeploy Balloons had many changes back in the original Warzone.

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Image Credits: Activision

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