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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 squad glitch is ruining matches with teams of six

Warzone 2 players are reporting that their matches are being ruined by squads with more than the maximum number of teammates.



Warzone 2 squad in chopper

In what appears to be a bizarre Warzone 2 glitch, players are being placed into squads of up to six teammates when entering a Quads match.

Warzone 2 offers a variety of different modes and playlists to enjoy. From the large open spaces of Al Mazrah to the close-quarters action of Ashika Island, there’s something for everyone.

Players also have the option of different squad sizes, although the ever-changing options on Resurgence have caused some frustration. In the traditional battle royale mode, Quads offers the largest squads available, with fans being able to team up with three friends or fill spaces with randoms.

However, it’s been reported that Warzone 2 matches are being ruined as the game is matching together teams of different sizes, some of which are as high as six players.

The issue was raised by Reddit user SubySeg, who posted a screenshot that showed they had been placed in a team of five, asking: “How is this possible? 5 people in a quads match?”

Some speculated that the OP was actually in a DMZ lobby, where squads can be merged together to create larger teams. But the player was adamant they were playing “regular BR quads” as they “don’t play DMZ.”

They aren’t the only player to encounter this issue, popular Warzone 2 creator TheTacticalBrit was on stream when he found himself on a team of six in a Quads lobby. The streamer didn’t know the two additional players and hadn’t invited them to join, so it seems they had just been naturally matched into his squad.

As you’d expect with a two-player advantage, the six of them comfortably won the game. But what’s interesting is that the final cutscene clearly showed all six teammates escaping on the chopper.

Timestamp: 3:41:10

It’s not totally clear what is causing the bug right now. Many players felt it could be a lingering issue related to Unhinged mode, which allowed six players to team up mid-match before the playlist was removed altogether.

Others theorized that Warzone 2 could mistakenly be thinking you’re loading into a DMZ game rather than battle royale. Either way, it doesn’t appear that players are doing anything when searching for a game to cause the mismatched squads.

The devs are yet to comment, but the issue is clearly causing huge disruptions to Warzone 2 matches, as teams have a clear advantage from the start.

With Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded just around the corner, fans will be hoping that a fix is already in the works.

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Image credit: Activision