Warzone 2 players beg for major changes to time-to-kill

Nathan Warby
Warzone 2 Operators riding ATV

Warzone 2 players have hit out at the battle royale’s incredibly fast time-to-kill (TTK), arguing that the skill has been removed from close-range fights.

With Warzone 2 finally out in the wild, millions of players are getting to grips with the new Al Mazrah map and the new features added to the sequel.

Systems like Backpack looting and AI Strongholds make the new game feel like a completely different experience from the original Warzone, but not all of the changes have been received positively.

One of the biggest sticking points in Warzone 2 for many players is the new faster TTK, which fans believe eliminates the skill gap, especially in close-range fights.

Reddit user Dull-Caterpillar called on Infinity Ward to address the TTK in a future update. They argued that starting each match with just 200 health is far too low for a battle royale.

“Close-range engagements feel like a case of whoever sees the other person first wins the gunfight,” they said in their post. “Sometimes it honestly just feels like multiplayer on a bigger map.

They added that slowing down movement while lowering the TTK makes Warzone 2 more punishing, giving the advantage to whoever spots the enemy first.

Other players seemed to agree with the OP, as axylhadow replied: “This game is basically who sees who first is gonna win. The amount of times I’ve gotten killed with three plate armor and I was unable to even tell where I was getting shot from is insane.”

While the short-range TTK is clearly causing problems for players, other replies hinted that long-range fights have the opposite problem, with weapons not dishing out anywhere near the amount of damage expected.

This is leading to much of the community feeling like Warzone 2 is inconsistent from fight to fight.

“Long range is like shooting marshmallows and short is like getting hit in the face with a shotgun even though it was just a ground loot SMG,” said one reply. “Long-range TTK is too long and close range is too short.”

There are a number of ways Infinity Ward could fix this issue in Warzone 2. They could overhaul the damage range and multipliers of a number of weapons, or adjust the maximum health of players when they land.

We’ll have to wait and see if the devs choose to address the Warzone 2 TTK in a future patch or the Season 1 Reloaded update.

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Image credit: Activision

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