Warzone 2 expert explains why you should dump mouse & keyboard and switch to controller

Matt Porter
Warzone 2 players running away from a helicopter

TrueGameData is back with more interesting statistics for fans of Call of Duty’s battle royale, using input response time to prove that PC players should switch to a controller in Warzone 2.

Controller vs mouse & keyboard is a debate that raged throughout the entirety of Warzone 1, and it’ll come as no surprise that it’s the same in Warzone 2. Whether it’s claims about the controller’s aim assist giving an unfair advantage, or the argument that a mouse offers more precision, the community is truly split.

Now, Warzone 2 expert TrueGameData has proved that using a keyboard & mouse might actually put you at a disadvantage, measuring input lag to see which peripheral is the best.

Input lag is how long it takes an action to be performed in the game after you’ve pressed the corresponding button or key on your peripheral of choice. For example, if you hit jump on your controller, there will be a slight delay in the action being performed as the signal is processed and understood by the game.

Using a high-speed camera, TrueGameData compared the length of time between button press and action performed on both Warzone 1 and Warzone 2, stating that “there’s really no difference” between the games.

However, TrueGameData did discover that a mouse had one of the longest response times across all peripherals, with only an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller registering a slower input time.

Surprisingly, the PS5 controller came out as the clear winner, clocking in much quicker than the mouse or its Xbox rivals. In fact, the difference is so big that the YouTuber said it was “absolutely worth” making the swap to the PS5 controller.

You can view the full input lag results in milliseconds below.

  • Mouse (G Pro Superlight Wireless): WZ 1 – 31.3 // WZ2 – 32.1
  • Keyboard (Wooting 60HE. Tachyon Mode): WZ1 – 20 // WZ2 – 19.6
  • Xbox One controller trigger: WZ 1 – 23.8 // WZ2 – 28.3
  • Xbox Elite S2 controller trigger: WZ1 – 37.5 // WZ2 – 32.5
  • PS5 controller trigger: WZ1 – 28.8 // WZ2 – 27.9
  • PS5 overclocked controller trigger: WZ1 – 21.7 // WZ2 – 26.3
  • PS5 overclocked controller stick: WZ1 – 17.5 // WZ2 – 20.4

The times aren’t hugely different, but using a PS5 controller on PC could give you a slight advantage over enemies. If you have a PS5 controller at home, it’s definitely worth plugging it in and giving it a go.

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Image Credits: Infinity Ward / Raven Software

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