Warzone 2 “broken” zipline glitch makes Riot Shields completely useless

Warzone 2 Riot Shield

Warzone 2 players have come across a bizarre zipline glitch that is so “broken” that it prevents Riot Shields from protecting players, making them effectively useless.

When you hop into Warzone 2, you’ll need to collect the best weapons in the game as you’ll face relentless competition from enemy players, and the Riot Shield is a great choice for effectively defending yourself.

This melee weapon allows players to protect themselves from incoming fire while they move through the map. However, Warzone 2 players have discovered a strange glitch that makes Riot Shields feel redundant.

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Reddit user ‘LordTexugo’ highlighted this glitch in a clip shared in the Warzone 2 subreddit. It showed them climbing a zipline with the Riot Shield in front of them for protection against enemy attacks.

Despite the game showing the Riot Shield equipped as they went up the zipline, an enemy was able to shoot them down as if the melee weapon wasn’t there. The Redditor then stated that the “Riot Shield zipline animation is a lie.”

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Riot Shields are often looked down on by Call of Duty players, as users of this equipment are capable of tormenting their opponents without taking damage. However, many in the thread were still disappointed to see this glitch.

One user wrote: “I’m simultaneously happy seeing a Riot Shield user get laced, and also disappointed in how flawed this game is.” Another user expressed their worry that other animations in the game may also be “broken” similar to what’s shown in the clip.

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In the comments, one player stated that if Riot Shields are not going to work properly within the zipline animation then the game should have them “thrown on [the player’s] back before going up the line.” It remains to be seen if the developers address this glitch in a future update.

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Image Credits: Activision