TrueGameData proves Warzone’s XM4 ‘nerf’ was actually major buff

Hamza Khalid
TrueGameData and Warzone XM4

Warzone’s May 4 update brought balancing changes to many fan-favorite weapons, and Call of Duty expert Anthony ‘TrueGameData’ Zachman has explained why the XM4’s nerf was actually a buff.

Raven Software addressed many of Warzone Pacific Season 3’s most glaring issues in the May 4 update which brought fixes for different glitches along with buffs and nerfs to the game’s popular weapons.

The patch notes for the update also listed a damage nerf for the fan-favorite XM4 Assault Rifle. However, Warzone stats expert TrueGameData claims that the weapon actually received a major buff when fighting at range.

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Warzone XM4 on display

The May 4 Warzone update patch notes mentioned that the XM4 had its maximum damage decreased from 30 to 29. While this may disappoint fans of the Assault Rifle, TrueGameData explained why the weapon is more powerful than before.

The Warzone expert stated that the weapon previously did 39 damage to the target’s head on the second range, but now it dishes out 40. This is because the headshot damage multiplier was increased to 1.54, up from 1.5.

TrueGameData tweeted: “It did 39 [damage] to the head on the second range before, now it does 40. Body damage is 26, meaning that 10 chest + 1 head was 299 damage before, and 10 chest + 1 head is 300 now.”

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In the replies, another Call of Duty stats expert JGOD chimed in on the changes to the XM4 and agreed with TrueGameData. He tweeted: “Yup, they nerfed it as a Sniper support, buffed as a ranged option.”

While this change might be disappointing to players who wanted to pair up the weapon with a Warzone Sniper Rifle like the ZRG 20mm, the weapon is now a more viable pick during ranged combat.

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