Team Fifakill win Toronto Ultra Canada Cup Warzone Tournament: Final standings leaderboard

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Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament Standings Leaderboard

It was an exhilarating two days of action, as the members of Team Fifakill were able to show they belong in the discussion for best Warzone players in the world with their taking of the top spot of the final Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament standings leaderboard.

Competitive Warzone has become extremely popular following the game’s release in 2020. Various players have proven their skills and racking up large amounts of prize money from many events.

The Toronto Ultra Canada Cup Warzone Tournament was the latest major competition to take place for the Call of Duty battle royale, and we have everything you need to know about the event covered for you.

Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament Standings leaderboard

Final Results

Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament Standings leaderboard

The final day of competition for the Canada Cup continued the adrenaline-fueled action from Day 1. An exciting set of matches determined which 8 teams from the top 16 qualifying trios from the first day of action would move on to the championship round.

Ultimately, Team Fifakill consisting of Recrent, Fifakill, and Warz, improved on its impressive second-place finish on Day 1 with a score of 556 points to secure the Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament championship.

However, it was not an easy feat, as Team Zlaner and Team Tommey were right on their heels with only three points separating the three teams when the dust had settled on Verdansk.

Day 1

Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament Standings leaderboard

The action-packed first day of the event saw the trio of FaZe Swagg, Biffle, and FaZe Booya finish the day at the top of the Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament standings leaderboard with a total of 527 points.

However, Team Fifakill with Warsz, Fifakill, and Recrent was able to secure second place with 508 points, and Team Zlaner with Destroy, Clutchbelk, and Zlaner grabbed third place with 503 points to conclude their impressive Day 1 performance.

Unfortunately, the bottom 16 teams from the Day 1 Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament standings leaderboard will not have a chance to compete on the final day of the event.

Toronto Ultra Warzone tournament: stream & schedule

Toronto Ultra’s $100k Warzone tournament kicked off on June 28 and concluded on June 29.

Both days of the tournament began at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET, with Day 1 seeing four straight hours of action and Day 2 being played for four and a half hours over two rounds.

As with all major Warzone tournaments, you were able to watch the action in several ways. To get an overview of all teams and hear the casters break down the gameplay, you could have tuned into Toronto Ultra’s YouTube channel or Twitch stream, which you can find embedded below:

Or, if you had a favorite competitor, you could have watched their POV directly through their stream. Almost all of the top players streamed the event, including World Series of Warzone winners Aydan, Rated, and HusKerrs.

Toronto Ultra Warzone tournament format

While the World Series of Warzone had every player duking it out in one lobby and Atlanta Faze’s tournament favored the 2v2 Elimination format, Toronto Ultra’s saw the return of the Kill Race format.

toronto ultra Warzone tournament format

In this $100k event, 23 Trios played as many matches as possible over a four-hour time period. With both kills and team placement scoring points, Trios submitted their top five matches once the four hours were up.

The top 16 scoring teams from the Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament standings advanced to Day 2. All of Day 1’s points were reset, and the remaining Trios played for two hours and recorded their top three matches to lock in Round 1.

Then, the top eight teams from the Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament standings advanced to the second round of Day 2. The teams played for two and a half hours this time and recorded their top five games but kept their highest score from Round 1.

The team with the highest overall score at the end of Round 2 won the tournament and took home the $33,000 grand prize.


You can find all of the teams that competed in the competition below:

There is no doubt that plenty of excitement came from all of the competing players who looked to secure the top spot in the Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament standings leaderboard and prove they should be considered the best players in the world, with bragging rights ultimately going to Team Fifakill.

Image Credit: Activision / Toronto Ultra

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