Strange Warzone glitch tells players that Store items are sold out

Hamza Khalid
Kong Operator skin and Warzone Pacific Operators aiming weapons

A bizarre glitch has popped up in Warzone’s Store that makes it seem like certain cosmetic items and bundles are no longer available after being “sold out.”

Warzone Pacific features various Bundles and Blueprints that you can purchase if you want to get your hands on new cosmetic items, such as the recent Kong, Godzilla, and Mecha Godzilla bundles.

You can visit the Warzone Store if you’re looking for Operator skins, Weapon skins, and brand-new weapons. However, players are reporting a glitch that keeps them from accessing these items in the Store.

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Mechagodzilla Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 skin

Reddit user ‘i-luv-doggos’ shared an image of the Store in the Warzone subreddit, showcasing a message which states that an item under the Operators and Identity tab has been sold out.

While Bundles and Blueprints are usually only available for a limited time, players don’t receive messages that any Warzone content in the store is currently in short supply or has been sold out.

This led to speculation about whether this is a glitch in the Store or a clever marketing ploy from the developers meant to encourage players to purchase bundles and items before they run out of stock.

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A few of the commenters were convinced that this was an intentional feature left in by the Warzone developers, and one user claimed: “They are just trying to introduce FOMO… I hope they fail.”

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“FOMO” stands for ‘fear of missing out’ and implies that players will be incentivized to purchase Items from the Store quickly if they believe that they are in short supply.

Other users were more skeptical of this theory, claiming that the message in the image is most likely a bug that’s making it seem like certain items are no longer in stock.

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One commenter stated: “It’s always been there. Having the rotating item list is the FOMO. You never know when or if a bundle gets sold again. Many only ended up once or twice. They haven’t failed. This is likely a bug on the storefront.”

A few other users claimed that the “sold out” message in the image was a result of the Redditor having used an unlock tool when accessing the Store. Using these tools can result in players even being banned from Warzone altogether.

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In the thread, one player replied: “Unlock tool. When you have all the skins and there’s nothing left to buy… SOLD OUT.”

This theory was shared by many users throughout the entire thread. However, it’s currently unconfirmed if the use of an unlock tool was the exact cause of the “sold out” message encountered by the Redditor.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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