Report: Activision denies 100 Thieves from using Warzone for Charity Tournament

100 Thieves was set to host a Warzone Charity tournament that was set to begin on June 18 and run weekly for several weeks.

Today, 100 Thieves announced that the tournament is being postponed because ‘Activision denied’ using Call of Duty: Warzone for the tournament. Their tweet made it sound like Activision did not want to support such tournament.

However, now, esports insider Slasher is stating that the reasoning why the negotiations fell apart is because Activision did not want to have Warzone part of the tournament which is being sponsored by CashApp. 100 Thieves refused to do so, which led to no further progress on the discussion. 100 Thieves apparently announced this tournament without even consulting Activision first.

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In another tweet, Slasher says that Activision has ‘been unclear’ on rules for using sponsors for Warzone related tournaments. 100 Thieves reportedly using their platform to ‘sway’ Activision to changing their minds on which sponsors can be allowed.

Activision has been open to allowing Warzone tournament, even promoting many of the popular ones weekly through their Live From Warzone series. The company has shared NICKMERCS’ Gauntlet tournament, KEEMSTAR’s Warzone Wednesday, BudLight events, and more.

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