Regular Bounty Contracts removed from Warzone following Most Wanted addition

Keshav Bhat

It appears Infinity Ward has removed the classic Bounty Contract from Call of Duty: Warzone following the newest update and replaced it with the Most Wanted Contract in-game, which has caused many fans to be upset.

The new update, which dropped on April 28, brought in a brand new contract called Most Wanted. This contract makes it that your team becomes the bounty for every other team still in-game. If you survive the bounty time, then the reward is bringing back all of your fallen teammates immediately.

However, by adding this contract, Infinity Ward appears to have also removed the standard Bounty Contract from Warzone completely. Fans can only find the Most Wanted contract in-game.

Streamers have responded to this by asking why Infinity Ward would think removing it would be a good idea. Ninja said the regular contracts are “high risk and reward” and were “well balanced.”

Teepee goes on to say it is a “very very bad decision” in a tweet. Call of Duty League Caster Joe “Merk” Deluca also commented on it being removed:

Infinity Ward has not said why they removed the regular Bounties from Warzone or when they plan to bring it back. Standard bounties were a nice way to get money while finding enemy teams on the map.