Raven Software confirm plans to change Warzone’s powerful Streetsweeper Shotgun

Liam Mackay
Warzone Streetsweeper

Warzone’s fully automatic Streetsweeper Shotgun has been included as Ground Loot in Season 3, which has highlighted its insane killing potential. Raven Software has confirmed they’re taking a look at the weapon, and changes are coming soon.

After weapon nerfs and buffs going into Season 3, the reign of the AUG, M16, and FFAR 1 finally ended. Previously underrated weapons such as the Krig 6 and FARA 83 have become the meta, but one more weapon has been dominating the early game.

Along with these weapon changes, Warzone’s Ground Loot has been shaken up. As we’re in Verdansk ’84, all weapons that can be scavenged are Cold War guns from the 1980s. This has led to the Streetsweeper being found on the ground, highlighting its insane power at close range.

Warzone’s developers, Raven Software, have confirmed that they will be changing the Streetsweeper in a future update.

Streetsweeper shotgun

The Streetsweeper can be found on the floor and in chests from Common rarity all the way to Legendary, so this devastating weapon extremely easy to find while looting Verdansk ’84. While using it, pushing rooms has never been easier, as its large magazine size and fire rate make it extremely forgiving.

Although the Streetsweeper has no versatility and an extremely slow reload, the community has become frustrated by its power in the early game. As players scramble to find armor, cash, and weapons, many of the fights take place at extremely close range. As it stands, a Streetsweeper user is guaranteed to win almost any of these fights.

Warzone streamer JoeWo tweeted Raven Software asking “Is there any way we could PLEASE replace the Streetsweeper from ground loot with any other secondary.”

Raven responded, saying that they are “taking a close look at the Streetsweeper in general” and “changes are coming in the next update.” However, they don’t have any details to share just yet.

It’s highly possible that the Streetsweeper’s adjustment will arrive alongside the teased changes to the FARA 83 and the CR-56 AMAX, which has caused backlash from high-profile members of the community.

Raven hasn’t confirmed what any of these changes will be, but keep an eye on Charlie INTEL for everything that changes in future Warzone updates.

Image Credit: Activision

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