Players glitch into the Gulag mid-game with new Warzone exploit

Nicholas Sakadelis

Warzone players have found a way to glitch into the Gulag arena during games on Verdansk.

Since the beginning of Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, players have discovered lots of new bugs in the battle royale version of the game. Most recently in the form of wall glitches in the new Rebirth Island map and loadout drop bugs that make players invincible.

Many of the bugs in Call of Duty Warzone are frustrating, impacting overall gameplay and enjoyment. They range from annoying, funny, and even borderline cheats. The most recent addition to the pool of bugs is a new exploit that allows players to glitch into the Gulag while playing on the Verdansk map.

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You can see the gameplay below from Twitter user @Sami_The_Yemeni.

Captain Price, We have a problem

As you can see from the video, it is now possible for players to phase into the Gulag by going to certain edges of the Verdansk map and calling in a loadout drop. This is most likely possible because the Gulag is actually under the Warzone map, in several spots around the outermost edges.

If you’ve ever seen “Ghost red dots” on the edges of the Warzone map, that’s because there are actually players fighting in the Gulag under the map in those areas. There are multiple gulags in each game, so there are a few spots around the map.

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In this specific exploit, it appears a loadout drop actually forces the player into the ground, causing them to clip straight into the gulag. From here, the player was able to kill other players in the gulag arena (who don’t have any armor plates to defend themselves), which led to a relatively unfair encounter for those spawning in.

Luckily, you probably won’t find this often in games, since players can’t survive the gas circle once inside, and the positioning to get this to work seems to be difficult to achieve.

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Still, this problem is a reflection of the many issues that continue to persist in Warzone, with more more seeming to be discovered each day.