YouTubers discover new method to avoid Warzone SBMM with reverse boost

Nicholas Sakadelis

YouTuber Rara has revealed how to reverse boost and avoid SBMM in Call of Duty: Warzone, a secret kept among a few players across the Call of Duty community.

Skill based matchmaking, or SBMM is a system implemented in many modern first person shooters to match players against opponents of similar skill. This system can be adjusted to be strict or lax, depending on how the matchmaking algorithm is adjusted by the developers.

A vast majority of content creators and top-level players do not attempt to game this system, instead opting to roll with the punches and play in their assigned games. Due to their above-average skill level, they often make other “top” players look like low skilled players.

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Due to the small amount of players abusing a “secret” reverse boosting method to get into easier games, the competitive integrity of Warzone is in question for tournaments, and many honest top-level players are getting the brunt of the backlash, being accused of playing in “bot lobbies”.

YouTuber Drift0r issued a warning to the community earlier this week once he discovered players were abusing this strategy, and now the beans have been spilled by YouTuber Rara.

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Update: Drift0r has confirmed via Twitter that this reverse boost method is not the one he discovered earlier this week.

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In Rara’s video, he exposes fellow YouTuber Hydro for using the reverse boosting method for his videos, accusing him of deceiving his audience into thinking he’s “the next big thing” for Warzone while breaking records playing against drastically lower-skilled players.

He calls for Hydro to add disclaimers in his content that he is reverse boosting, in order to be more transparent with his audience. Rara backs up his claims by using an online Warzone tracking tool to prove Hydros games are regularly against the bottom percentile of players, then proceeds to reveal exactly how players are getting easier Warzone lobbies.

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How To Get Into Easier Warzone Games

You’ll have to watch Rara’s video to find out. We do not wish to detail the method, as it brings harm to the overall competitive integrity of Warzone into question.

Do we recommend abusing this? No. Do your favorite creators/pros abuse this? A large majority don’t. Most COD streamers have the integrity to not abuse this. It seems only a select few in the community abuse this on a regular basis. You can refer to Rara’s video to potentially identify players abusing this.

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Image Credits: Activision