NICKMERCS reveals the biggest problem with Warzone Pacific Caldera

Liam Mackay
NICKMERCS unhappy with Warzone Pacific

Top streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff returned to Warzone after a long hiatus but took issue with Caldera’s Loadout Drop change.

Tired with Warzone, streamer NICKMERCS made the switch to Apex Legends back in August 2021. Even with the massive Warzone Pacific update in December, it wasn’t until January that Nick finally came back to give CoD’s battle royale another try.

All of the Pacific’s updates weren’t enough to bring him back for good though, as he revealed the biggest problem with the new Caldera map.

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Warzone players fighting beside loadout drop

Raven Software made the controversial decision to delay Loadout Drops, where players can’t buy one until the free one drops at the start of the second circle. Players have been fighting back against the change, and NICKMERCS weighed in on the debate in a recent stream alongside TimTheTatman, Cloakzy, and TeeP.

TimTheTatman said that the Loadout Drop change is still one of his biggest complaints and Nick agreed, saying that “you’re not going to find anybody that disagrees with that.”

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Tim argued that ‘bots’ (low-skilled players) are happy about the change, which is why Nick believes Raven Software made the controversial Loadout Drop change.

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“No matter what they do, they’re never going to get saved. They’re going to get eaten. They just need to accept that,” explained Nick. “It’s crazy that they think this change is, like, good.”

Raven have responded to the Loadout Drop complaints, saying on January 11 that “We’re aware of feedback regarding the Loadout adjustment, both for and against the change – so the pacing of this is being reviewed.”

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But would reverting the Loadout Drop delay bring NICKMERCS back to Warzone for good? It’s unlikely, as Nick said to a fan: “Not gonna happen chief, but I did have some fun reppin’ with the lads.”

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Image Credit: Activision / Under Armour

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