NICKMERCS gets a hacker banned during his Warzone livestream

cod warzone nickmercs

Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS‘ Kolcheff, and regulars TimTheTatMan and CouRageJD, reported a hacker during a live game of Warzone on stream and managed to get them banned before the match ended.

Nick immediately got the hype for his new video off to a flyer by declaring that his viewers were about to see something they had “has never happened before, at least not on my channel. This is a first for NickyMercs.”

The video proved to be quite historic and showed the negative power that some players have, and the positive influence that streamers can have on the Warzone community.

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cod warzone nickmercs

A game that was going well for the usual gang of streamers was cut short by the obvious actions of a cheater. After NICKMERCS and CouRageJD had been eliminated, Nick left to get some food, whilst Tim tried to survive.

Nick says they had already noticed that the “lobby was dying fast and there’s a similar name in the bottom-left.”

Tim gets killed in suspicious circumstances by someone who clearly couldn’t see him. Tim immediately calls out the guy as a “cheater,” and Nick soon returns to see the chaos that unfolded.

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They all start spectating the player, who already has 27 kills at this point, and the hacker is visibly aiming into the sky and firing and connecting with their shots. The streamers make it known that they’ve filed a complaint to have the player banned.

The game ticked down to the final 3 players – including the hacker and his partner – and the cheater suddenly stops being responsive, gets killed, and shortly after, their name disappears from the team they were on.

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The hacker’s teammate went on to lose the final 1v1 and some sense of justice prevailed in the end. Nick’s intro praised Activision saying, “big shout out to Activision again, for kinda taking a big step up, and hanging out in our streams, and making sure that some of these hackers get taken care of.”

It’s another banned account added to the ever-growing pile of banned Warzone players and represents a similar incident that happened with TimTheTatMan and CouRageJD recently.

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But it sadly does prove that there are still plenty of hackers out there, despite Activision ‘investing more’ in Warzone anti-cheat.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software