NICKMERCS explains the 3 things Warzone needs to survive, besides anti-cheat

Liam Mackay
Nickmercs reveals the 3 things warzone needs to survive

Top Warzone streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has broken down the top three changes Raven Software desperately needs to make for the game to survive, besides the obvious anti-cheat.

Warzone has gone through some significant changes since it was first released in March 2020, well over a year ago. We’ve had Black Ops Cold War’s integration which added a ton of new weapons, as well as the updated Verdansk ’84 map.

However, some don’t feel that these changes have been enough. Streamer NICKMERCS has broken down “everything Warzone needs to be good again,” on top of the proper anti-cheat which many feel the game desperately needs.

Warzone Season 4 Operators

Even though NICKMERCS is one of the most-watched Warzone streamers and regularly reveals meta-defining weapon loadouts, he’s never been afraid of expressing his displeasure with the game.

After already quitting competitive Warzone because of cheaters, Nick has even toyed with ditching the regular battle royale mode. Frustrated with the state of the game, NICKMERCS explained the top three things he feels Warzone “needs to survive.”

He started by clarifying that an anti-cheat isn’t on this list. “That’s a no-brainer,” he said. “Everyone knows that an anti-cheat is the first step, the first real step, into making sure this thing actually lasts a long, long time.”

Warzone Verdansk 84 stadium

“The first biggest thing in… our opinion is a new map,” NICKMERCS revealed. “We need a change from Verdansk – I think it was a swing and a miss. I thought at first it might have some sauce, some play where they added the Plaza Downtown, couple cool little changes.

“But ultimately, I don’t think we’re messing with this stuff. I think we need a brand-new map, brand-new. I want like an island theme – beaches, and ocean, and palm trees, and ‘jungle-y,’ that’s what I want.”

Next, up he said that console Warzone needs a FOV Slider. “Every day I get people in my Twitch chat complaining about not having an FOV slider,” he explained. “It’s been something that everybody’s wanted for a long time.”

And lastly, NICKMERCS said that Raven Software “need to be quicker to fix bugs and broken in-game glitches.”

He explained that “these things can’t go on for weeks and months. They can’t happen, get fixed, and then happen again. Every update, bro, there’s a new invis glitch, a new stim glitch, stuns turn into Charizards – it’s all bad.”

It’s possible that there will be a new map soon, as a WWII-themed Pacific map is reportedly arriving with Vanguard. As for a console FOV slider, Raven has confirmed they’re “aware” of the requests, but can’t share a timeframe for its arrival.

Image Credit: Activision / NICKMERCS

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