NICKMERCS calls for one major change along with Warzone’s Pacific map

Streamer NICKMERCS in front of Pacific Warzone map

After popular streamer Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff infamously quit playing Warzone recently, the new Pacific map has him intrigued. However, he is still calling for one major change.

The announcement of the brand new Pacific Warzone map alongside Call of Duty: Vanguard has fans excited about the future of the battle royale. Even more importantly, the addition of anti-cheat looks set to combat the hackers that have plagued the game for quite some time.

This is one of the reasons why NICKMERCS quit Warzone recently in favor of Apex Legends, but the new content has piqued his interest enough for him to dip back in. However, there is still one big change he’s eager to see.

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Warzone characters aiming weapons

Nick said in a recent upload to his YouTube channel that the fresh additions coming alongside Vanguard mean he will be jumping back into Warzone for the first time since taking a break.

“I have always said that they need to make a new map with an island theme, jungley, and did they deliver. I haven’t played it, but I saw the pictures and videos and it looks phenomenal,” he said.

He compared the “vibe” of the new map to the original Kings Canyon map in Apex Legends, which Nick says is an aesthetic he really likes.

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Although the new map and anti-cheat have him excited, the absence of one feature in Warzone means that the streaming star is unlikely to “permanently” return to playing Call of Duty.

“If they’re going to be listening, then I’ll keep it going ⁠- I’d love some kind of ranked mode, something to grind. That’d be so lit bro,” said Nick. “Not League Play, I want a battle royale, just like Apex Legends ranked, something to play for.”

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This isn’t the first time Nick has called for a ranked mode in Warzone, he believes that it’s a huge miss in the game, and is the reason that streamers have been making the switch to Apex instead.

With Vanguard integration edging ever closer, it remains to be seen if devs take the streamer’s advice on board and add a ranked mode.

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Image credits: Activision / NICKMERCS