New “#FixWarzone” movement taking over CoD: Warzone & clan tags

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cod warzone fix movement

Warzone’s player base is uniting in its efforts to prompt changes from the game’s devs as a new “#FixWarzone” movement is currently gaining momentum.

Since its launch, Call of Duty: Warzone has gone on to become, arguably, the biggest battle royale game in the world. Whereas Fortnite is still relatively a new name in the gaming world, Call of Duty has been around for nearly 20 years.

Millions of players have fought valiantly to secure a ‘Warzone Victory’, but in that time, the game has been guilty of numerous issues that have left players frustrated.

Invincibility glitches, invisibility glitches, see-through walls, broken Juggernauts, SBMM, and repeated run-ins with the infamous Stim Glitch are all major examples of Warzone’s problems.

cod warzone squad

It seems repeated issues have frustrated members of the CoD community, and it is insisting that players join the #FixWarzone movement to incite change.

SindraGan2001 originally set the wheels in motion with a passionate post on Reddit that discussed Warzone’s issues, and the sentiments are generally seconded by many in the CoD community.

The post has had nearly 17,000 upvotes and well over 1,000 comments showing support for the idea of having this unified clan tag.

MyJuiceIsLoose said, “I stopped playing but I will log on today and change my tag to this to support this movement. I agree we need to try something at this point because I really miss playing this game a ton. Good luck in the movement Broham!”

This one comment received nearly 1.5K upvotes and other top comments follow the same train of thought.

There is evidence of players actively changing their clan tag to this as a video on Reddit showcased a new bug, with the player also sporting the #FIXWZ clan tag.

The player’s arm was behaving very erratically and was waving all about the screen, obscuring their view.

As is the same with petitions and other forms of protest, the movement is in its early stages and is showing slow signs of growth.

You’d think that Activision will remain undeterred by this for now. However, if Twitter, Reddit, and other forms of media become inundated with the #FixWarzone movement, then Activision may have to respond.

We shall wait and see how the situation progresses.

Image credits: Activision

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