New ‘door lock’ bug in Warzone makes player un-killable

Nicholas Sakadelis

Holding down an area in Warzone is not a new strategy. Most refer to this as “camping”, and it’s a strategy frowned upon by much of the Call of Duty community.

With that being said, camping just got much worse with the discovery of a new way to do a very old Modern Warfare bug.

Currently, you can “lock” doors in Modern Warfare using an old trick: simply open the door, push it until the door is almost completely closed, then stand next to the door. Enemies shouldn’t be able to open the door with you on the other side.

The only downside to the original door locking strategy is if an enemy uses an explosive on the door (C4, semtex, or frag), the door will be blown open forcefully and move the player on the other side, giving the impression that the “door locking” mechanic is actually something intentional to Modern Warfare.

The mechanic having a counter was a thing, until YouTuber JackFrags found a player in Warzone that was using a different strategy.

From the video, it appears they discovered how to counter explosives, essentially trapping themself inside of a Bunker indefinitely, which lead to be un-killable.

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You can see the bug in action at the 1 minute and 12-second mark in the video linked below.

It appears the person inside the bunker was using strategy of standing in a certain position or glitch to continually keep the door locked. Regardless, if exploited further in more areas this can be game-breaking bug.

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As of right now, we only know of the regular door lock strategy, shown in the video below.

It seems that the classical door locking strategy is the only widely known bug currently.

The specific strategy used by the player in JackFrags video is unknown, but we can speculate it may have been achieved by standing in a certain position, being exceptionally good at the classic door locking strategy, or even using a trophy system or another piece of equipment to block the door.

This specific bug may be exclusive to the bunker/metal doors or could be widespread across the game.

We’ll be sure to update if more details surrounding this bug surfaces.

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