New ‘Detection’ Contract adds RC-XD to Warzone training

Nicholas Sakadelis

The newest Modern Warfare patch adds in a contract to the Warzone training mode that awards you with the RC-XD killstreak.

In today’s Modern Warfare update, it appears that Infinity Ward accidentally added a contract into the Warzone training mode that was meant for a later time. It is possible this was added as a sneak peek, but since there is no icon for the kill feed when the RC-XD eliminates a player, it is possible this wasn’t intentional, as it wasn’t in the patch notes.

How the Contract Works

Once you pick up the contract, your tactical slot will be momentarily replaced with a modified heartbeat sensor. It will turn into an orange tint and become a Geiger counter. As you approach your Radioactive Cache, the radiation levels will get higher and the sounds from the counter will get much faster.

Similar to its heartbeat sensor counterpart, the Geiger counter will only show you a dot and the general area of the chest. It will be up to you to figure out which floor (or roof) the box is on. In our game, the box spawned on the roof. The box itself is decorated in U.S.S.R. colors and design, and gives you a fully functional RC-XD killstreak reward.

The RC-XD Killstreak

Upon completion of the contract, you’ll be given the RC-XD killstreak. As of now, it’s fully functional and can be driven like you’d expect it to. It’s fast, supports jumps, and even has a boost function like it did in Black Ops.

In training mode, the bots do not have EOD (explosive resistance), so the RC-XD killed them instantly. In actual Warzone, perhaps the perk will save you from the explosion but will leave you with low HP.

As for the official release of this contract, it most likely won’t make its appearance in Warzone until the official drop of Black Ops Cold War Season 1 on December 10th.