Lucky Warzone player accesses unreleased full-auto pistol early

sykov pistol in warzone and modern warfare

A lucky Warzone player has gained access to a Blueprint for the unreleased Sykov pistol in a match of Plunder.

It’s been leaked for some time now that the RAAL LMG, CX-9 SMG, and Sykov pistol will be coming to Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone. As these are leaks, there’s no official release date but they may be coming in Warzone Season 2.

You can unlock these new weapons in survival mode and temporarily have a shot of them, but with the guns now appearing in Plunder, they’re likely on the slate to be released soon.

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A lucky Warzone player has managed to access a Blueprint for the upcoming Sykov pistol in a game of Plunder.

Reddit user RestlessGoats somehow received the upcoming Sykov pistol, modeled after the classic Makarov, through the Weapon Drop Field Upgrade.

They explained that Weapon Drops usually “give a base weapon with some attachments but for some reason when I got this Sykov/Makarov pistol it was the blueprint.”

The Blueprint that RestlessGoats discovered was fully automatic, revealing an automatic-fire mod will likely be unlockable through the gunsmith.

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We’ve already seen how dual pistols can dominate the Warzone meta. Early in Warzone’s life, the Akimbo Snakeshot .357 magnums were more powerful than any shotgun. Then with the release of Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 1, the dual Diamattis dominated all close-range fights.

These overpowered pistols have now been balanced, but we can expect the akimbo full-auto Sykov’s to be a gamechanger when they arrive in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

RestlessGoat said they also received the unreleased RAAL LMG in Plunder the day before but never posted any footage. If you’re looking to try the new weapons ahead of time, equip the Weapon Drop in Plunder, and you might just get lucky.

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Warzone Season 2 is expected to release on February 24th, so it’s possible we’ll see the full potential of this fully-automatic pistol then.

Image Credit: Activision / GRENADE LAUNCHER