Kar98k’s secret aim assist advantage makes it Warzone’s best Sniper Rifle

Wyatt using Kar98k in CoD Warzone

Warzone players have long debated whether the Kar98k or Swiss K31 is better, but new aim assist findings prove that the Kar is the best Sniper Rifle choice for controller players.

Warzone’s Sniper Rifle meta is made up of fast and mobile Sniper Rifles that have no trouble one-shot headshotting players at long range. For the longest time, the Kar98k was the best option for this playstyle, but the Swiss K31 flew onto the scene in Season 3.

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Boasting similar speed and bullet velocity, players have long been debating whether the Swiss K31 or Kar98k is the better option. Now, it appears that thanks to its much stronger aim assist, the Kar98k is Warzone’s best Sniper Rifle for controller players.

Kar98k Marksman Rifle in CoD Warzone

Aim assist has been a debate in Warzone since its launch, with high-profile players such as JackFrags and JGOD showing off how powerful it can be. Some believe that Modern Warfare weapons have more aim assist than Cold War’s, and new evidence from TrueGameData proves that this is true for the Kar98k and Swiss.

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TrueGameData demonstrated how the Kar98k gets “rotational aim assist,” which is essentially when the crosshair stays trained to an enemy even while you’re hip-firing (up to 35m). While aiming down sight, this aim assist stays active until about 200m.

In comparison, the Swiss K31 doesn’t get any hip-fire aim assist and its ADS aim assist is “very very minimal compared to the Kar98.” While the Cold War Sniper’s aim does slow down around the target, it doesn’t have the “sticky” effect that the Kar98k does.

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TrueGameData believes that the Kar’s stronger aim assist is because it’s technically a Marksman Rifle, not a Sniper Rifle. The Swiss, however, is a Sniper Rifle. It appears that Marksman Rifles get much more aim assist, so if you’re a controller player, the Kar98k is by far the best option.

However, TRG said that on a stats basis, the Swiss K31 outperforms the Kar98k because of its better damage profile and reload. So, for mouse and keyboard players, the Swiss K31 is likely the better option.

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Image Credit: Activision