JGOD reveals Warzone Season 3’s long-range meta weapons

Liam Mackay
JGOD Season 3 Warzone long range meta

Warzone YouTuber JGOD, known for his in-depth weapon testing, has revealed the meta weapons for fighting long-range in Season 3’s Verdansk ’84.

The AUG, M16, and FFAR 1 dominated Warzone Season 2, making almost every other weapon obsolete. Luckily, we’re now into Season 3, and the meta has changed.

Raven Software massively reworked a ton of Black Ops Cold War weapons, taking the previous kings from their thrones and making room for a new meta. YouTuber JGOD, well known in the Warzone community for testing weapons and updates, has revealed the meta long-range weapons for Season 3.

JGOD’s Warzone Season 3 long-range meta weapons

Warzone AMAX

Following all of the weapon buffs and nerfs going into Season 3, players can use much more weapons for their long-range fights.

JGOD explained how the CR-56 AMAX is currently the best weapon in the game. Although it can be quite tough to use and control its recoil, JGOD explains how it excels in every category. According to his data, at range, it has the highest TTK of any weapon, with headshots included.

After the AMAX, JGOD singled out the:

  • RAM-7
  • M4A1
  • FARA 83
  • Bruen Mk9
  • Grau 5.56
  • Krig 6
  • Stoner 63

The RAM-7 comes in after the AMAX in JGOD’s long-range meta weapons for Warzone Season 3. It’s an excellent choice for a sniper support weapon, as it has incredible bullet velocity. Still, JGODOD doesn’t believe many players are skilled enough to use it exclusively for long-range fighting.

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For weapons that are easy to use in the Warzone Season 3 long-range meta, he recommends the M4A1, Bruen Mk9, and Grau. The M4A1 is “still very good,” but you’ll lose long-range fights to the AMAX. For the Grau, he explained that “If you struggle with the AMAX, or struggle with recoil control in general, the Grau is probably going to be your number one option.”

The FARA 83 has almost no visible recoil when using the SUSAT Multizoom optic, and he explained how while the Stoner 63 has a great TTK, it’s reliant on you landing a headshot to get that fast kill.

The Krig 6 is “somewhere between a Grau and AMAX,” so using it depends on your skill. When, or if, the AMAX gets nerfed, JGOD said he could see this weapon getting used more. With its high time to kill and relatively low recoil, the Krig could certainly become the long-range AR meta once the AMAX is nerfed.

It sounds likely that the AMAX will be nerfed in the future, as Raven Software said in the patch notes that “no king rules forever.”

We have our own loadouts for most of these weapons that make up the current long-range meta for Warzone, which you can check out in our top 10 loadouts for Season 3.

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Image Credit: JGOD / Activision

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