JGOD reveals Warzone attachment with secret power that slashes ADS time

JGOD and Warzone operator aiming weapon

Aim down sight speed is an important stat in Call of Duty, with the lower the ADS speed, the better. YouTuber JGOD has discovered that a Vanguard attachment has a secret power that will slash your ADS speed for free.

Warzone’s competition is perhaps now the toughest its ever been, with players paying constant attention to the meta. As always, you want a weapon with a fast TTK, low recoil, and a rapid aim down sight (ADS) speed.

Usually, there are certain trade-offs you need to consider when building the best loadout. However, JGOD has come across an attachment that secretly lowers your ADS time, without any drawbacks.

On-Hand attachment on Warzone's Bren LMG

JGOD discovered that Vanguard weapons’ On-Hand Perk lowers your ADS time, although it’s not included in the Warzone attachment’s description. While the in-game description says that On-Hand offers “Less downtime after using equipment,” it will actually reduce your ADS time.

JGOD was using the new website Sym.gg, a Battlefield stats website that accessed Warzone’s in-game stats for completely accurate values. Messing around with the Bren attachments, he discovered that adding On-Hand reduced the ADS time by 33ms or two frames at 60 FPS.

Usually, you need to sacrifice accuracy, recoil control, or sprint-to-fire time to increase your ADS speed, but not with On-Hand. Because this falls under the Perk category, it doesn’t offer any negatives.

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Some users in the comments called the 33ms reduction a “waste,” but JGOD explained that the popular Stippled Grip attachment offers a 20ms reduction, and the Serpent Wrap a 30ms reduction — and they come with drawbacks. “Adding an attachment like that for free is such a waste,” said JGOD sarcastically.

This discovery prompted more users to test it. Popular leaker TheGhostOfHope said that they “used it on the Automaton and it feels like night and day difference.” It doesn’t lower ADS time the same on every weapon, but it’s worth testing on your favorites to see.

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Image Credit: Activision / JGOD