JGOD reveals the biggest problem with Warzone Pacific that “ruined pacing”

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone loadout changes JGOD

Warzone has gone through a lot of changes with the Pacific Season 1 update, so much so that JGOD feels one change, in particular, has ruined the game’s pacing.

With loads of players and content creators getting their first impressions of Warzone’s new map, Caldera, there’s inevitably going to be things that players have issues with.

The latest from JGOD details what he believes is ruining the pacing of Warzone Pacific, especially in the Vanguard Royale Solos playlist.

Loadout drop in Warzone pacific

After recently giving players advice on which guns to use and the best graphics settings for Warzone Pacific Season 1, JGOD has now given his opinion on the battle royale’s biggest issue in the new season.

JGOD seems to prefer a less RNG-based battle royale, which he feels is exactly what Warzone was prior to the recent Loadout changes.

As Loadouts can no longer be bought by players before the first round, JGOD states this has led to a more “RNG” experience.

This is mostly because players are dropping and trying to find meta weapons like the MP-40, NZ-14, and STG-44. According to JGOD, this has changed the game’s pace quite a bit, stating that “it feels a little bit slower.”

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For JGOD, Warzone has always stood out as a battle royale that felt more like a shooter than a “looter.” This was mostly because players were able to get their loadouts called quickly, giving them the setup they wanted for the rest of the game.

Now, this has changed, JGOD claims it is the main reason as to why the pacing has been “ruined.”

Of course, the game has gone through a lot of change and players will take some time to adjust.

However, if the developers also feel that some changes such as the Loadout ones have drastically affected the game’s identity and dynamic, perhaps they will update it.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision