JGOD reveals new Warzone long-range meta after Krig 6 nerf

JGOD and Warzone Krig 6

Popular Call of Duty Youtuber JGOD went over the changes to Warzone’s long-range meta following the Krig 6 nerf in Season 5 Reloaded and revealed which weapons are now the best picks.

The Warzone meta is affected by any weapon changes that take place, including buffs and nerfs to existing weapons. Keeping the best meta loadouts each season in mind can improve your gameplay experience.

The Season 5 Reloaded update brought a nerf to the Krig 6. Now, popular Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD has revealed how this change has altered Warzone’s long-range meta.

krig 6 in Warzone

JGOD uploaded a new video in which he tested out the Krig 6’s capabilities in a private match, following the nerf. The weapon’s maximum damage was decreased from 30 to 29, with the minimum damage changed from 25 to 23.

By comparing the previous and current weapon stats, he noted that the damage dropoff has affected the gun’s Time To Kill. “What this does is that up close within the 34 meters, you’ll need a headshot to get the same TTK,” said JGOD.

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This means that it will take longer to bring down your opponents than before, and you’ll need to score headshots to speed things up. According to the YouTuber, this damage dropoff along with new recoil changes “turn that long-range meta on its head.”

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After testing the recoil changes on other guns in the Clash mode, he was able to get a feel for how they perform in the new update.

The new long-range meta was tested by shooting at other players with different weapons at long-range. The meta weapons following the update are the Stoner 63, FARA 83, and QBZ-83.

There are also other viable weapons that perform fairly well after the Season 5 Reloaded update, such as the MG 82, XM4, and CR-56 AMAX. The Krig itself is still worth taking out into battle even after the nerf.

Knowing which weapons to take with you into combat can be greatly beneficial after the meta changes. For more Warzone, check out our hub on the Season 5 Numbers event.

Image credits: JGOD / Activision