JGOD reveals how to fully level Warzone weapons in “under an hour”

Luca Di Marzo
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Warzone wizard JGOD reveals yet another helpful tip to level up weapons as quickly as possible and all you need is one forgotten Warzone Perk.

JGOD is well known for discovering helpful tips and tricks that help Warzone players immensely. His latest trick will have you hitting max weapon level in no time thanks to the valuable Pointman Perk.

The Call of Duty expert claims that this specific trick will allow you to achieve max weapon level in a mere hour. Warzone players have often complained about the slow weapon progression of Vanguard weapons which makes this trick a lifesaver.

Pointman Park Warzone

If not for the frequent Double XP events throughout Warzone Pacific Season 1 and 2, there’s no doubt that most players would have struggled to rank up meta weapons.

Oftentimes, the best Warzone loadouts require attachments that are unlocked at late levels which makes leveling up quickly a vital aspect of Warzone success. With JGOD’s newest trick you’ll no longer fall behind when it comes to weapon level progression.

You’ll need to equip the Pointman Perk to test out this new trick as it will allow you to earn way more weapon XP for completing contracts. JGOD suggests Rebirth Island as the optimal battleground for this trick since it’s the easiest map to focus on contracts.

Search for contracts and you’ll notice that once complete you’ll gain more XP than usual thanks to the Pointman Perk. In addition, for every squad member using the Pointman Perk on your team, it will increase the XP multiplier. Therefore, completing this trick with friends or fellow gamers will provide maximum XP.

JGOD also notes that using a Double Weapon XP token or waiting for a Double XP event will further increase the multiplier for XP earned. Big Game Bounties, Bounties, and Supply Drops are the three contracts JGOD recommends to maximize efficiency.

The video showcases just how optimal the Pointman Perk can prove to be. “That’s 35,000 weapon XP in a single match of Rebirth Island which lasts approximately 11 or 12 minutes,” he explained. “You only need to do that five times so that is under an hour if you’re super-efficient.”

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Image Credit: Activision / JGOD

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