JGOD hits back at claims top Warzone players cheat to control recoil

Liam Mackay
JGOD shuts down no recoil

It often looks like top Warzone players’ weapons have no recoil, which leads to accusations that they’re cheating. JGOD, the knower of all things Warzone, has shut down these cheating accusations, showing how easy it is to legitimately have no recoil.

Warzone’s top players are streets ahead of the average player. Their reaction time, positioning, game sense, and aim are often perfect, allowing them to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars by competing in tournaments and setting insane world records. This has caused certain members of the community to accuse these pros of cheating, and YouTuber JGOD has set the record straight.

JGOD shut down the accusations that “pretty much every streamer, every YouTuber” are using Cronus Max or Cronus Zens to “cheat the system” and get no recoil. JGOD explained that these top players aren’t cheating because they don’t need to – controlling recoil in Warzone is exceptionally easy.

Warzone player shooting

To prove this, JGOD compared Call of Duty’s recoil with Rust and Counter-Strike, two PC FPS games with a high skill gap and wild recoil patterns.

It’s a well-known fact that having a higher FOV gives less visual recoil, so to prove that it doesn’t matter whether you’re on PC or console, JGOD set his FOV to the console default of 80.

Explaining that “Call of Duty recoil is very laughable to a certain extent,” JGOD showed the recoil pattern of the RAM-7 and AK-47. The RAM’s recoil goes up and to the left in a straight line, and after some initial shake, the AK-47 goes straight up.

So, for example, all you have to do is pull either straight down, or down and two the right to control recoil in CoD. “And as you get better with it, you get more comfortable with it,” said JGOD.

Rust recoil pattern

JGOD then compared CoD’s recoil to Rust and Counter-Strike. On Rust, the AK-47’s recoil pattern goes into a reverse S-shape, where you need to constantly keep your mouse moving to hit shots. Counter-Strike’s is similar, where you need to move your mouse side to side to keep the bullets going straight.

JGOD explained that because CoD has long been a console franchise, Warzone’s recoil pattern is built to be controlled with a controller, so you don’t need to make such fine adjustments to control the recoil. This makes it easy “in comparison to real first-person shooter games where they actually make a high skill gap.”

So while it looks like these top players have no recoil, it’s because it’s so easy to control, they essentially don’t have any.

If there’s a weapon you feel like you want to use, JGOD says that you should just shoot a wall and learn the recoil pattern. You should also find your ideal FOV (if you’re a PC player) and then find the controller settings that work best for you. We’ve got a comprehensive guide on the best controller settings, or you can look at a list of the settings for 33 of Warzone’s top players.

Image Credit: Activision / JGOD

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