JGOD explains why Warzone players should abandon Heartbeat Sensors in Season 3

Nathan Warby
JGOD with Warzone Heartbeat Sensor

Heartbeat Sensors have been a meta Tactical in Warzone for some time now, allowing players to quickly find nearby enemies on Caldera. However, in Season 3, CoD expert JGOD believes it’s time to swap them for something else.

Each new Warzone season forces players to adapt to changes in the meta, especially when it comes to the weapons that are most effective. Fans often spend the early stages of a season experimenting with new and old weapons to find which works best for them.

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Perks and Equipment are just as vital to success in Warzone, and yet many players will often stick with the same setup in this department. Heartbeat Sensors, in particular, have been a meta Tactical for some time, as they easily identify nearby targets.

However, Warzone guru JGOD believes that players should consider switching up their equipment if they want to score more victories.

Heartbeat Sensor in Warzone

JGOD began his May 10 video by saying “today you’re going to stop using the Heartbeat Sensor,” citing some of the recent changes to Perks as the main reason it has slipped out of the meta.

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He was using WZ Ranked to break down the best Perks and Equipment in Warzone Season 3, and discovered that Restock is currently the option for Perk 2 that leads to the most wins. It had a win ratio of 3.87, despite having a pick rate of just 4.33.

A buff after the Season 2 Reloaded update means that Restock now refills both your Lethals and Tacticals every 25 seconds, which players are clearly making the most of, as seen by its win ratio.

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However, JGOD warned that those still using Heartbeat Sensors are missing out, as they aren’t replenished by Restock. “If you’re using the Heartbeat Sensor, you’re getting no benefit from the Restock Perk.”

When comparing the Heartbeat Sensor to other Equipment, it was found that despite being the most picked option, its win ratio was only the fifth-best in the category. JGOD urged players to stay away from the Tactical, claiming you can be at a disadvantage by “relying on your Heartbeat Sensor too much.”

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Instead, he recommended players change up their loadout. “If you’re using the Heartbeat Sensor, you should 100% switch away and go to Snapshot Grenades and try to find a way to get Restock into the loadout,” he advised.

Snapshot Grenades precisely pinpoint enemies within a 25-meter area, up to any height above the player. Paired with Restock, solo players can use them twice a minute, or every six seconds while playing squads.

JGOD compared using Snapshots in squads to having a UAV but in “real-time,” calling the setup “broken” and essential for those who like to play in teams.

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Image Credits: Activision / JGOD

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