JGOD explains why Caldera’s map changes could improve Warzone Season 4

Nathan Warby
JGOD with Storage Town from Warzone

Warzone Season 4 is set to introduce a number of significant changes to the Caldera map, and CoD expert JGOD believes that the next chapter of the battle royale is all the better for them.

We’re getting closer and closer to the launch of Warzone Season 4, and the devs have begun giving players their first look at what to expect. A brand-new map called Fortunes Keep is on the cards, but they’re also shaking up the existing formula as well.

The main battle royale map, Caldera, is set to receive a number of major changes in Season 4, some of which fans have been calling for since the map was released back in 2021.

Responding to the announcement on June 15, Warzone expert JGOD has explained why he thinks the changes will make Season 4 a better experience for players.


Speaking in a video following the reveal of the new-look map, JGOD singled out the removal of some of the map’s vegetation as a big win for players.

“You can see that it looks a lot less green than the normal Caldera, and that’s because they’ve essentially dried out a lot of the areas of the map,” he explains. “That’s going to go ahead and lead to less vegetation, which will be easier to spot people – we’re not going to be able to hide in bushes, even though bushes will still exist.

“It’ll allow for a little bit more gameplay elements, where it’s less about hiding and more about actually moving around the map and not getting caught off guard.”

Visibility has been a major criticism of Caldera since Warzone made the switch to the Pacific map, so this change will go a long way to pleasing the community

Warzone Season 4 will also see the introduction of new, smaller locations scattered around the map known as “micro POIs.” One of these new spots is Storage Town, which has been brought over directly from Verdansk to Caldera.

JGOD believes that Storage Town itself will make for the perfect Plunder spot, and more landmarks overall will make the map “less open” and help the flow of matches.

“This gets me a little more invested to play the big map. I’ve generally preferred the smaller map just because, in general, it plays a little faster,” he continues in his video. “This, I think, will solve a lot of those issues.”

We’ll have to wait for Warzone Season 4 to drop to see these changes in action, but for now, they certainly seem to be a step in the right direction.

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Image credits: Activision