JGOD explains if Warzone Amped perk was stealth changed or not

Hamza Khalid
JGOD and Warzone

Warzone stats tracker JGOD investigated claims that the popular Amped perk had been recently stealth changed by comparing its effects on different weapons.

Warzone perks grant you tactical advantages during battle, but various players have complained about the Perk meta, where the same few Perks have been used for over a year now.

One of these is the Amped perk which grants you faster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed. Many fans are under the assumption that it was stealth changed, and Warzone weapons expert JGOD has weighed in on the matter.

Amped perk in Warzone

The popular Warzone stats expert set out to see whether or not the Amped perk was stealth changed by comparing the different weapon swap speeds of four weapons. These were the FFAR, Mac 10, Kar 98, and Stoner 63.

He compared the raise and lower times for each of these weapons both with and without the Amped perk, and the differences were drastic.

“You can see right here takes 0.217 milliseconds to lower the weapon when it comes to the FFAR,” said JGOD. “We go over here, and it takes 0.617 to raise the weapon.”

The common trend among these weapons was that their raise was significantly slower. “When we get Amped involved, then you can see that it dropped significantly,” he explained. “It almost took a half a second off.”

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JGod then mentioned that the developers might’ve fixed a bug with the Stoner 63’s plate animation or its weapon drop animation. “They might have done some other stealth changes and never mentioned it,” said the Warzone stats expert.

“But as of right now, all the other numbers besides the Stoner were essentially the same. So, unless they stealth change certain values, it’s pretty much the same as it’s been for at least the past four months.”

Unfortunately, players hoping to see the Amped perk had gotten better will be disappointed that it is still the same as it has been for some time and will not be providing any quicker weapon swap speeds.

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Image Credit: Activision / JGOD

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