JGOD explains how new Warzone Season 3 graphic setting is ruining your aim

Liam Mackay

YouTuber and battle royale scholar JGOD has discovered a major problem with Warzone’s new DLSS technology, where it’s throwing off players’ aim.

Alongside Verdansk ’84 and major weapon balance changes, Activision brought NVIDIA’s DLSS technology to Warzone. DLSS (or Deep Learning Super Sampling) allows PC players to see much higher FPS while playing Warzone or Modern Warfare, especially when playing in 4K or 8K.

While the DLSS setting has some major advantages, YouTuber JGOD described how it misaligns your reticle and causes you to miss your shots.


On the Ultra Performance and Performance settings, while they make your game look blurry, your shot will still go exactly where you aim. However, JGOD shows that the problem arises when you use Balanced, “which is a little bit worse,” and Quality, “which is BAD.”

When using the Balanced mode, your shot will go ever so slightly to the right of your crosshair, and then by using the Quality mode, your aim becomes even more misaligned. This problem will become much more noticeable and game-breaking at longer ranges.

By using the Tac Laser attachment, you can see that it lands slightly to the right of the crosshair, which is the true aim. So while the crosshair is wrong, the green laser displays the correct bullet trajectory.

JGOD says that you should test this for yourself, as “if you want to use DLSS, I would make sure you go through this and make sure that your optic is aligned.” This is best done by setting up a private match in Modern Warfare. However, until the issue is fixed by the developers, JGOD will be keeping DLSS off.

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Image Credit: Activision / JGOD

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