JGOD calls for changes to “broken” Warzone aim assist as controller clip goes viral

jgod and warzone season 5

Call of Duty: Warzone’s aim assist has once again come under fire for being “broken,” and CoD YouTuber JGOD has expressed his desire to see it lessened for controllers.

It’s no secret that Call of Duty games possess some strong aim assist for controller users. Modern Warfare had it and even the new Vanguard Alpha had users complaining about it being a tad too strong.

Dr Disrespect has previously outed Warzone’s aim assist for being too helpful and it’s been a widespread complaint for a long time now. A recent clip on social media once again showed how powerful aim assist really is in Warzone, and JGOD thinks that controller players “live in denial.”

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players fighting in Verdansk in warzone

Twitter user @SG_SosaB shared their experience with Warzone via the popular social media platform, and the 11-second clip caught the eyes of many.

Their message said: “Saw this out the corner of my eye (thought I was tripping), hands not even on controller. I knew aim assist was OP but this…sheeeeeesh! Just play the game for me lol.”

In the clip, the player looked to be completely idle in the pre-game lobby, when another player walked into their line of sight. With the player hovering near their sight, the game’s crosshair started to move of its own accord and track the enemy player.

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JGOD was tagged in the Tweet, saw it, and said: “Sadly even with clips like this, a lot of controller players live in denial. I know how broken aim assist generally is and it’s what makes it so hard to fully commit to KB&M when you cannot achieve the same results without years or practice.”

The debate of controller vs keyboard and mouse has raged on for many years now, with players believing the aid of aim assist overrules the freeing nature of a keyboard and mouse.

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But the cries to reduce aim assist have been loud, pretty much since Call of Duty: Warzone launched. Vanguard is looking to shake things up with a new map and anti-cheat system, so it remains to be seen if aim assist will also be looked at.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software