Insane Warzone Combat Bow glitch is turning players into giants

Rambo holding Combat Bow in Warzone

Warzone is no stranger to the occasional bug, some of which can be hilarious or just plain bizarre. In the latest insane glitch, the Combat Bow is seemingly turning players into giants.

With any game as big as Warzone, you’re going to run into glitches from time to time. Recently there have been reports of loadout drops falling through the map, as well as players being trapped by Red Doors.

While some glitches can be frustrating and game-breaking, others are simply weird. The latest bug being reported seems to be turning players into giants for a short time.

Warzone player looking at Combat Bow killstreak

Reddit user ‘devon380’ discovered the Warzone bug, which seems to be triggered by firing the Combat Bow.

After firing the bow out of a window, the player’s character immediately appeared to drastically grow in height. From being average-sized, they then towered above the window they were originally looking out of.

The player was then able to leave the room and run around, seemingly popping through the wall in order to exit the building.

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Switching back to another weapon quickly fixed the issue. It isn’t clear from the video they uploaded what specifically triggered the crazy bug, but other players have reported similar experiences.

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The glitch raised the question among the community about what this looks like from other players’ perspectives. Disappointingly, it seems that the bug is actually affecting the positioning of the first-person camera, rather than stretching characters into giants.

Another Reddit user, BizzareBandit, said, “I had this happen just 2 days ago. From a third-person perspective you look normal, your first-person camera is just floating above your body oddly on your screen only.”

It’s hard to tell at the moment if this is happening to everyone using a Combat Bow. We’ll have to wait and see if Raven addresses the issues in a future update.

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Image credits: Activision

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