How to watch $100K OpTic Chicago Warzone Invitational: Stream, teams & schedule

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OpTic Chicago is set to host a $100,000 Invitational Warzone event, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including the schedule, teams, and how to watch it.

Warzone Season 6 is finally here, and there will be plenty of major changes over the coming weeks as its new content will inevitably change the game. This hasn’t affected the major Warzone tournaments though.

OpTic Chicago is planning a new Invitational Trios tournament event with a prize pool of $100,000. This guide will cover everything from the event stream to the different teams and players.

OpTic Chicago $100K Warzone Invitational stream & schedule

The OpTic Chicago $100,000 Warzone Invitational will is set to begin on Friday, October 8 from 1PM PT | 3PM CT | 4PM ET. We don’t know exactly how long it will run for, but it will probably continue for a few hours.

While details on the event format at scarce, we do know that it will consist of Trios competing for the massive prize pool. They will probably duke it out in custom lobby battles, but we’ll be sure to update this article with the exact format when it’s confirmed.

If you want to catch the event, then you can check out the stream on the Call of Duty Twitch channel. The broadcast will feature commentators and hosts to let you know what’s going on.

OpTic Chicago $100K Warzone Invitational teams

Warzone operators running

All the Trios in this Warzone tournament got their spots via direct invites. Various popular content creators and OpTic players will be competing for the $100,000 prize pool. At the time of writing, the full list of Trios hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Here are some of the players that have been confirmed for the Invitational:


That covers everything that has currently been revealed about the OpTic Chicago $100K Warzone Invitational. We’ll be sure to update this article with more information as it becomes available.

For more Warzone, stay tuned to Charlie INTEl, and be sure to check out the return of the classic Showers Gulag in Season 6.

Image credits: Activision / OpTic Chicago

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